Hacienda El Triunfo is a charming 130 year old Hacienda hidden in the midst of the Tropical Dry Forest, near the colonial town of Honda, Colombia. In 1887, two Welsh brothers, Ivor and Robert Jones arrived to this captivating paradise turning it into a sustainable cattle ranch whilst conserving the surrounding forest. Since then, the generations to come have carried on with this remarkable legacy. In 2014, the Hacienda was declared a Private Nature Reserve, conserving 7,418 hectares of Tropical Dry Forest which is a key, yet greatly threatened ecosystem both worldwide and in Colombia. The Reserve conserves 5 endangered species, half of the endemic species of the Valle del Rio Magdalena and more than half of the terrestrial mammals of the ecosystem. The Hacienda is currently dedicated to sustainable cattle ranching and ecotourism to further protect this unique biome, as well the cattle ranching traditions kept alive for more than a century... two essential factors to our underlying purpose: be one with nature. 



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